Windhaven sits atop a volcanic spire thrust into the sky, far above the Aezurae Highlands. A road carved in the side of the spire spins around counter-clockwise up the spire. Massive towers loom over the path where it comes to the iron-bound gates that guard the entrance to the city.

The city is not as broad or as spread out as any of the other city-states, but it has the most awe-inspiring towers in the Settled Lands. There are sky-bridges between many of the towers, usually at about the mid-point height-wise.

The Iron Dragon Cartel has a major presence in the city, controlling most of the trade into the city. Yazzog Kizzrik maintains a second residence in the city.

Windhaven is ruled by a supreme patrician noble, called the Doge, and his Council of Nine. The current Doge is Maximillian von Arminger and he has ruled since 1011 AF. The primary product of the city is fine cloth and dyed products. They also have a small, professional army based around their military training school, the Windhaven Academy.

City Statistics

  • Religion: Any/None
  • Economy : Trade based on production on cloth and dyed products.
  • Military : Small professional army based around a military apprenticeship system and the Windhaven Academy.
  • Temples : Standard shrines to all gods, no major temples.
  • Underworld : Surprisingly small. The Iron Dragon Cartel makes a fortune off providing goods to and from Windhaven so they have spent considerable resources to sweep the city of crime.
  • Interesting Sites :
  • Special Notes : Pestilens are banned in Windhaven.


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