Stray Clowder

The Strays are a family of Hillcats who own property on the west side of Far Westburg. They are involved in the illegal, tax-free production of liquor and have many business dealings with the Miskra Mischief. They are known as shrewd operators, if not the most polished individuals.

The Stray Family is ruled over by the Patriarch, Big Jim Stray, and has over 30 members in the Far Westburg area. They moved in lock-stock-and-barrel soon after the city was founded, seeing financial opportunities as well as helping them avoid some legal entanglements back in the Aezurae Highlands.

Known Members

  • Big Jim Stray
  • Big Jim Stray Jr. (Junior)
  • Bucky
  • Stokeley
  • Saranjean
  • Kezziah

Stray Clowder

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