Shadevel is an ancient stone citadel carved into the side of a mountain. A massive cliff overhangs the city keeping it in semi-permanent twilight. It is a place of winding streets, cramped alleys, hectic marketplaces and crumbling edifices. It was only rediscovered in 637 AF by Pestilens scavengers.

Because of the lack of light in the city, it is primarily home to races with keen senses of smell, such as the Pestilens, or races with darkvision, such as the Mreoowl. The dark and dreary aura of the city has attracted the darker elements of the Settled Lands and it is well known as a home to criminals, mercenaries and magi who indulge their darker tendencies.

City Statistics

  • Religion:
  • Economy : Shadevel trade is based around the darker side of commerce: drugs, slaves, blackmail, stolen goods, dark magic.
  • Military : The city is guarded by Shades who are utterly loyal to the current Shadelord.
  • Temples :
  • Underworld : The underworld is the whole world in Shadevel. It is a city full of dark brotherhoods, thieves guilds, assassins rookeries and any other number of black societies.
  • Interesting Sites :
  • Special Notes :


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