Settled Lands

The Settled Lands comprise the eastern half of Galbreth and are made up of the areas left untouched by the holocaust of a millennium ago. The name is a misnomer because for much of it’s history the Settled Lands has been a haven for war, rebellion, societal upheaval and neo-barbarism. The only thing settled about them has been that they lacked the monster incursions and residual magic poisoning that epitomizes the Fallen Realm.

The physical makeup of the Settled Lands is mostly rolling plains, small mountainous regions, intermittent forests and occasional swamps.

Several City-States call the Settled Lands home as well as wandering nomadic tribes. No nation has ever been able to form despite several attempts over the years. The people of the Settled Lands show a severe parochial worldview when it comes to opposing City-States but all of them have a shared disdain for the peoples of the Fallen Realm.



Settled Lands

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