Sansaril is the only major City-State that is also a port. It lies on the east side of the continent, presiding over both a sheltered anchorage and a major trade road. The only landward entrance to the city sits between two massive, fortified cliffs and huge gates are set into them which can be closed, but only with great effort – such as in war-time.

The port allows a good anchorage for ships which ply the coasts of the Settled Lands, and Sansaril makes their money providing berths, warehouse space, and accommodations. The city is noted for it’s lack of influence from the Iron Dragon Cartel, being in fact their major competition.

The city is ruled by the Circle of Captains, being current and retired captains and ship-owners. The city revels in having as few rules and laws as possible, focusing on allowing the maximum freedom of action and choice, with exceptions made for public safety.

People say the rule of thumb for being law-abiding in your stay of the city is, “If it only affects you, sail on. If you’re about to crash into another person’s lane, better tack and brace for impact.”

City Statistics

  • Religion: Any/None
  • Economy : Trade based on shipping and storage of goods.
  • Military : Militia, and a powerful navy. Their landward fortifications are almost unassailable since they can bring in goods by sea.
  • Temples : Standard shrines to all gods, no major temples.
  • Interesting Sites :
  • Special Notes :


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