Religion is a matter of flux in Galbreth, as most religious records were lost in the The Fall. Most Humans follow one of a number of religions and cults that have sprung up since the cataclysm, but their authenticity and effectiveness is constantly called into question.

Mreoowl follow a nature-based religion; venerating the two moons of Galbreth, Salas and Voerl. They also worship the spirits which reside within exceptional natural features such as the Great Tree.

Wurmkyn, having no knowledge of their origin have chosen to create a religion surrounding a creation myth they have come up with to fill the void. They worship a formless, unknown progenitor called the Maker, some especially vigorous worshipers engage in blood sacrifice.

Pestilens worship a hooded figure known as the Eternal Balancer, who uses a scale to determine their fate. They get into paradise depending on the contents of their vaults.

Goblins tend to worship different gods depending on their tribe, but some have begun to proselytize the worship of “Zort”, his high priest is Mort, and the Head of the religion is the Bearer of Alorik.


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