The Pestilens are a urbane, merchantile race of humanoids who resemble bipedal rats. They are native to the Settled Lands and are spread throughout all the City-States but are primarily found in Shadevel.

Pestilens are covered in short fur, usually brown, grey or black (but occasionally albino), and have pointy ears, a long pink tail, and long snout-like noses. Their tails are whiplike and writhe behind them as they move about, sometimes betraying their emotions by stiffening up when greatly angered or fearful.

Their noses are especially keen and seem to always be sniffing something. Indeed, these proboscis seem to wrinkle and twitch constantly, drawing in any and all scents from the surrounding air. They have correspondingly poor eyesight and are in fact color blind.

Male and Female Pestilens seem to have the same range of size, between 3’ 4" and 4’ 8" and 85 – 160 LBs. The females do have pronounced breasts compared to the Males, but these are often obscured by the practical clothing worn by their kind. Males may grow wispy goatees but these seem to not start growing in until they reach middle age at the least. The average lifespan of a Pestilens is 120 years and they reach adulthood at 15 years old.

Pestilens live together in a familial group called a ‘Mischief’ ruled by one of the families elders, usually the wealthiest. They tend to build large, rambling houses or even apartment buildings for their Mischief and their children, called kittens, are raised communally. Individual Pestilens may belong to other groups, societies, organizations or other unions but their first loyalty is always supposed to be to their Mischief.

Game Info

Pestilens receive +2 Dex, +2 Cha (+2 to any two of the following: Arcana, Bluff, Diplomacy, Stealth, Streetwise, Thievery). They have a special perception modifier: +5 to perception to account for their sense of smell, and -5 to passive perception to account for their poor vision. They are also color blind.

Candy From A Baby
Racial Power
Lockpick? What's a lockpick?
Minor ActionPersonal
Target: A lock, padlock, gate, door or any other kind of locking mechanism.
Attack: Dex or Str + Thievery vs. Lock DC ** Level 11: +6 vs. Lock DC. ** Level 21: +8 vs. Lock DC.

A Sinking Ship
Racial Power
Flee! Squeek!
Immediate ReactionPersonal
Reaction: You are grabbed, held, squeezed or slowed or prevented from moving in any fashion.
Effect: Your spine and body compress to a fraction of your size. You are able to evade, squeeze through, slip out of or avoid the hold and shift half your movement speed.


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