One-Eye Bloodeye

One-Eye Bloodeye is an experienced fighter, soldier, mercenary and arms instructor. He has served as personal guard and mentor int he fighting arts to Konrad von Flambe since he moved into the main portion of the von Flambe residence from the creche.

He got his nickname do to the fact that he lost his left eye in a long ago battle as a mercenary, and his right eye was permanently reddened by a exploding magical weapon.

One-Eye currently serves as the head of the Dukal Guard, although he will balk at being called anything but “Sergeant”. He is a true believe in Konrad and will do anything he thinks necessary to secure his City and Realm. This can occasionally mean doing things that Konrad would rather not happen, but One-Eye feels is necessary.

He wears a set of red leather and maille armor that has been warded against most forms of magical damage, relying on his physical skills to protect him from weapons.

One-Eye Bloodeye

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