The cat people of the Aezurae Highlands are a mysterious and highly secretive race. Known amongst themselves as the Mreoowl they are generally referred to as Hillcats by the other residents of the Settled Lands.

Hillcats are essentially bipedal, humanoid cats. They are covered in fur – which can be of a variety of colors, textures and lengths – and have large eyes, a feline nose and mouth, sharp fangs and pointed ears. They also have extremely long tails, stretched out they slightly exceed the length of the body, which are surprisingly dexterous. Mreoowl have been known to use these tails as a fifth limb, and some even exercise them enough to use them as a grasping tool.

The eyes of the Hillcats are especially notable because of their large size in proportion to the rest of their face. They have the feline-type slit eyes and all Mreoowl have darkvision, but they also have to take care in bright sunlight.

The average size of Male Hillcats is 6’ 0" to 7’ 2" and weight from 160 – 300 Lbs. Females range from 5’ 8" to 6’ 6" and 150 – 240 Lbs. Hillcats vary greatly in weight due to musculature. Some of them fit the body type of leopards, cheetahs and other cats built for speed, while others have more of the appearance of the great hunting cats such as lions and tigers. The average lifespan of a Hillcat is 60 years, reaching adulthood at roughly 7 years old. They are physically mature at 3 but their minds take longer to develop.

The Mreoowl live in groups known as a clowder, ruled by a Matriarch or Patriarch, usually the oldest surviving member of the family. They tend to live in dens cut into the hillsides of their traditional home in the low hills of the Aezurae Highlands. Each clowder tends to be self-sufficient, but they also do not shun the advanced technologies that surrounding societies have evolved. It is not a rare or unusual site to spy a Mreoowl or two in local trading posts.

Every four years all the clowders meet up at the Great Tree for a Hootenanny. This is a chance to settle disputes over hunting grounds, feuds, or make marriage offers. The Hootenanny is presided over by the winner of a tournament of Patriarchs and Matriarchs that precedes the actual gathering.

Game Info

Mreoowl receive +2 Dex +2 Any (+2 Endurance, +2 Stealth) and Darkvision. Speed 6.

Nature's Claws (Healing)
Racial Power
Even when you have no weapons, you have the defenses Nature gave you.
Standard ActionMelee Weapon
Attack: Dex vs. AC ** Level 11: Dex +2 vs. AC ** Level 21: Dex + 4 vs. AC
Hit: 1d8 + Dex damage, and if the target is bloodied you regain 5 hp. ** Level 11: Regain 10 hp. ** Level 21: Regain 15 hp.

Nature's Grace
Racial Power
Bounding, they were definitely bounding away...
Move ActionPersonal
Movement: Once per day you may shift your movement speed.


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