Konrad von Flambe

Born 23 Axx 991 to a minor noble family of Windhaven, Konrad von Flambe was apparently not destined for much. His father, Otto von Flambe, was an Under-Minister for Trade & Growth and his connections within the mercantile community had led him to become acquainted with Yazzog Kizzrik. The Head of the Iron Dragon Cartel was made the young boy’s godfather at his birth-blessing.

Konrad was the third child of the von Flambe family, having two older brothers (Javier & Jacov) and a younger sister (Ninerva). He was given a very good education as a child, private tutors being provided to the children by their parents. He was also tutored in the fighting arts by some of his Father’s retainers, in particular a grizzled old veteran known as One-Eye Bloodeye. Konrad was observed to be an adequate student of the written and oral arts, but a veritable prodigy in the realm of combat.

Otto used his Ministry connections to secure a place for Konrad at the Windhaven Academy. Konrad gladly accepted this at first as a future as an Officer of the Windhaven Army was far beyond anything he could secure from his family’s modest estate as a third son. Konrad spent the years from 11 – 18 at the Academy learning the arts of personal combat, tactics, strategy, leadership and diplomacy.

After graduating from the Academy, Konrad turned down a commission in the Windhaven Army to venture out into the world as an adventurer. Otto was said to have been greatly put out that Konrad did not take the position offered him and supposedly vowed that Konrad would have no further help or support from the von Flambes.

Konrad von Flambe

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