Minor Action, Gives Fast Healing 1 for 10 rounds. This functions even in unconscious state but does not count as magical healing for the purposes of death saving throws.


Moosk Skin: Any item made with Moosk Skin counts as Hide Armor or Scale Armor. It provides an additional +1 AC and DR 1/- for Hide, and +2 AC and DR 2/- for Scale.

Nauga Hide: Any item made with Nauga Hide counts as Leather Armor or Scale Armor. It provides an additional +1 AC, 50% Weight Reduction and Reduces the Speed Check Penalty by 1.

Lizarg Hide: Any armor made with Lizarg Hide counts as Leather, Chainmail (if hardened), or Scale. It provides an additional +2 AC, DR 2/-, and Increases the Armor Check Penalty by 1.

Yeril(Metal): Any untyped damage from a weapon made from Yeril ignores resistance equal to twice the weapon’s enhancement. Any heavy armor made from Yeril has +2 AC and DR 3/-, Reduced Weight 50% and Reduced Speed and Armor Checks by 1. This does stack with any other form of DR.


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