Iron Dragon Cartel

The Drakai’yon’karteel-kama (Or Iron Dragon Cartel as it is known in Common) is a group of investors, traders and merchants who cooperate to dominate trade in portions of the Settled Lands. They are especially dominant in Windhaven and Aelfhame, having virtual monopolies in those City-States on everything from raw commodities to luxury items.

They maintain their upper hand by offering goods at reasonable rates (usually) and chasing out opposition with extreme prejudice. They also make a lot of money in less savory fashion. In the areas where they control the markets they also run the local gambling, loan-sharking, illicit substance and prostitution business. The Cartel manages to avoid legal entanglements through a complex system of bribes and blackmail.

Members of the Cartel pay fees to belong, which includes the protection of the Cartel and their representation in any trade or legal disputes. In return they must come to the aid of other Cartel members when required by the Cartel’s leadership.

The Cartel is run by Yazzog Kizzrik, who is known as a shrewd businessman and fierce enemy and also happens to be the godfather of Konrad von Flambe. This relationship is how the young nobleman secured the support of the Cartel in his effort to found Far Westburg. He has myriad lieutenants beneath him who travel around and oversee the affairs of his organization. The Cartel is run out of the city of Windhaven.

Iron Dragon Cartel

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