Humans are the majority race in the Settled Lands, and hold the majority of positions in the Governments, Militaries, Churches and Social Organizations therein. They are spread out among all the City-States and form the majority of the Merchantile and Noble classes.

The Human form is the one by which all other races in the Settled Lands are judged. In fact, the other races tend to be called ‘humanoid’ because of similar functions of their form in reference to the Human body.

Male Humans range from 5’ 5" to 6’ 8" and 120 – 250 Lbs., Females range from 5’ 2" to 6’ 2" and 100 – 200 LBs. They have variable hair and skin color ranging from dark brown to extremely fair. Male Humans tend to grow facial hair, and some cultures spend inordinate time coiffuring their beards.

Humans live in many different social and family structures, primarily differing due to the place and culture they are living in. They tend to have much more variance, delighting in developing social norms that differ from their predecessors and neighbors.

Game Info

Humans gain +2 to any 2 Attributes (+2 to any 3 skills). They also receive one extra feat at level 1, level 11, and level 21.


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