Far Westburg

Far Westburg was founded by Konrad von Flambe in 1021 AF after he lead a band of warriors and traders into the edge of the Fallen Realm and they found a suitable spot for a permanent trading settlement. Konrad is the third son of a family of minor Windhaven nobles and had gone out into the world at a young age in an effort to make his own way.

Joining with merchants from the Iron Dragon Cartel and some mages of the Blue Lotus School, as well as his own men-at-arms, Konrad was able to push back the Forest, as well as goblin tribes, bandits and monstrous beasts to claim a spot on the Yarbo River.

They built a wooden fort to start and established a trade route back to the Settled Lands. Konrad named himself Duke of Far Westburg and gave 50 year trading rights to the Iron Dragon Cartel for the importation of goods to Far Westburg. He also granted the mages that accompanied him the right to establish a Blue Lotus School academy in the city.

Konrad claims the 20 miles surrounding the city as his personal fief, and his guards patrol this area as well as the city.

City Statistics

  • Religion: Any/None
  • Economy : Trade based on acquiring goods, raw materials, and magical objects from the Fallen Realm. There is also a flow of goods from the Settled Lands to tribes and towns in the Fallen Realm.
  • Military : Dukal Guards led by One-Eye Bloodeye enforce trade laws, and maintain basic order. The Blue Lotus School employ their own guards, the Chazzar Kan, to make sure that only licensed mages are working in Far Westburg, although mages may remain in the city even if unlicensed as long as they refrain from casting.
  • Temples : Standard shrines to all gods, no major temples.
  • Underworld : Extensive, focusing mainly on smuggling illegal and dangerous items between the Settled Lands and the Fallen Realm.
  • Interesting Sites :
  • Special Notes : Duke Konrad von Flambe requires 5% of the selling price of any wares brought out of the Fallen Realm.

Far Westburg

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