The Doge is the supreme patrician of Windhaven and rules the city, advised by the Council of Nine. The current noble to fill this position is Maximillian von Arminger, Doge since 1011 AF.

History of the Doge

This is a position fraught with power and peril. Many a man thought himself equal to the seat, and most have fallen short. The Doge is supposedly the supreme rule of Windhaven, advised by the Council of Nine, but quite often in the past he has been merely their puppet. Very few men have achieved the Doge’s Throne without fatally compromising themselves, but some few have ruled as undisputed leaders from it’s embrace.

The city of Windhaven has been ruled by a class of patricians as long as it’s citizens can remember, and they are relatively enamored of it. The position of Doge was created in 517 AF by Joachim Kreutzer, a patrician of a powerful family. His descendants held it for the next 83 years until they were unseated by the von Armingers for the first time. They ruled as Doges for the next 46 years.

The position then became a source of conflict between the major patrician families for the next few centuries. Recently, Maximillian von Arminger has brought it under his tight rein. He is seen as the first truly strong Doge in the last century.


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