Blue Lotus School

The Blue Lotus School is a small, skilled group of arcane practitioners. Founded in 747 AF in Aelfhame, they kept their numbers small and elite. Some of the greatest mages, sages and sorcerors have come from this school.

The Blue Lotus School is primarily a group devoted to magical research, but they also have required that their initiates have experience with adventuring as they believe this exposure to the world and the powers within give them much needed practical experience.

This desire to be on the forefront of magical exploration led them to join up with Konrad von Flambe in his desire to found Far Westburg and in so doing open up the Fallen Realm to organized exploration.

The head of the whole School is Archmage Andraxos, who is based in Aelfhame. Konrad granted the School the right to open an official academy in Far Westburg and the head of that is Archmage Syndros.

Blue Lotus School

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