Moosk: Large sauroid creatures who move around on four legs. They have massive crests of bone and horn on their heads, as well as 3 large horns projecting forward. They have long sweeping tails, and are covered in scaly hide.

Nauga: A large reptilian beast of 10 to 15 feet in length, it inhabitants grassy fields and swamp areas. It primarily eats dead animals, but it will attack anything that enters it’s territory, regardless of size.

Rocs: Giant eagle-like birds, with a 20 foot wingspan, they hunt all over Galbreth and have been known to eat live and dead animals and people of all sizes.

Werves: A werewolf creature that has gone completely feral. They are extremely large in size and roam in packs of 3 to 5. Their bite has been known to cause were transformations in those affected.

Gnomlins: A race of small humanoids, cross-bred from gnomes and goblins, who live on the western edge of Bloodaxe Valley.

Croakers: A race of humanoid frogs, they can perform many different types of attacks by taking deep breaths and either knocking people down, or exhaling different effects.

Orcs: A race of large goblinoids, they have developed an advanced civilization in the Fallen Realm. They have a massive Empire based out of the City-State of Karchong.


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