An Archmage is a title of much respect, but is also somewhat self-determined. Once a magi has graduated from a magical school, he is entitled to the title Magus. He may take the title of Archmage at any time, but it is only recognized by the community of wizards and sorcerers after certain conditions are reached.

Usually an Archmage either:

  • Runs or has run a recognized academy of a specific magical school
  • Serves as a head magus for a city-state
  • Has been awarded the title by a specific magical school
  • Has gathered and trained at least (3) students to magus level
  • Has defeated an Archmage in an adjudicated duel

The title, while not controlled by any specific school or organization, is jealously guarded by the magical community. It is not uncommon for Archmages to challenge people who have newly taken up the title in duels, often to the death.


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