Aracosium is a low-slung mining City-State on the northern coast of the Settled Lands. It sits in, on and between three hills, and has negligible walls circling it’s circumference. A smog hangs over this city of refiners, manufacturers and metalworkers.

It’s dingy and dark streets are closed in with stone buildings made of local materials, some barely livable huddles and others as magnificent as any seen anywhere in the Settled Lands. Aracosium is a place many come to make their fortune, and few stay out of anything but necessity.

Aracosium is ruled by the Mining Guild, which mainly consists of negotiating trade agreements and settling company disputes. The city has never been a target for other cities as it maintains a strict neutrality, selling metal weapons and armor to anyone with the money. Their threat of an arms embargo keeps them out of most of the Settled Lands internecine disputes.

City Statistics

  • Religion: Any/None
  • Economy : Trade based on production of ore, smelted metal, and finished metal products.
  • Military : Militia
  • Temples : Standard shrines to all gods, no major temples.
  • Underworld : Surprisingly small. Mostly based around supplying illicit substances to miners.
  • Interesting Sites :
  • Special Notes :


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