Aelfhame was once home to the elves, but no more. There are no elves known left alive in Galbreth, nor have there been for many long years. Indeed, all that the inhabitants of the Settled Lands know of them is what’s left of their writings, architecture and artwork. They seem to have been the preeminent magical population before the Fall and their city shows it. Some of the buildings could not have been built without the use of magic, since no known masonry techniques could produce the massive towers or extreme vaulted cathedrals.

All of these left-over elements give Aelfhame an ethereal feeling and are one of the primary reasons that the city became home to the Blue Lotus School and many other magical academies and fraternities.

The city is also one of the places that has the highest Iron Dragon Cartel presence. They work with the various mage schools, and especially the Arcane Council to keep an iron grip on the traffic of magical reagents, tomes and learning. Yazzog Kizzrik calls the city his home and lives in a magnificent palazzio that contains one of the most complete remaining elven frescoes.

City Statistics

  • Religion: Any/None
  • Economy : Trade based on production of magical goods, as well as tourism to view artifacts or seek magical endowment.
  • Military : Small corps of professional Spellswords with the ability to conscript magi for city defense upon the order of the Arcane Council.
  • Temples : Standard shrines to all gods, no major temples.
  • Underworld : Extensive, focusing mainly on production of illegal magical goods and procedures.
  • Interesting Sites :
  • Special Notes :


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